Do you have Coconuts in Your Diet?

In November 2012, we starting eating dairy free and stumbled on coconuts as a dairy free alternative. This is one of the best discoveries we could have made for our diet and we want to pass this along to you!

I was amazed when I found out how many health benefits the different coconut products have – just Google coconut health benefits – you will be blown away.

Here are a few of MANY:

  • Helps you absorb calcium better – so good for bones, etc.
  • Heart Healthy
  • Builds a better immune system
  • Good for skin ailments – coconut oil – eczema, dry skin, etc.
  • Weight loss – speeds up metabolism
  • Coconut oil – good for hair
  • Has now been linked with preventing HIV!!!!
  • Natural UV protection – and they are found where that would be needed!!!!
  • Digestion

So that got me thinking why are we not using this more in our society for products and our diet? I think this is finally starting to catch on and you can find more coconut products out there.   One thing that wasn’t included in the benefits is that they are delicious!!! Something that is natural, good for you and yummy – now that is a combination you can’t beat!!



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