Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is a very hot topic, especially in the New Year.  There are so many misconceptions on what healthy eating consists of and how to achieve it.  I will try to shed some light on this vast subject in this post.  For many years, we have been lied to by the food industry, about what we are eating and if it was good for us.  I have been trying to eat healthy now for 6 years and I still find myself reverting to old thought processes at times.  This is not an easy task to achieve and it will take TIME!

If the label says, “fat free”, “sugar free”, “light” and a whole host of other misleading things then STAY AWAY!!!  I have even found that you are not 100% safe in the organic section; even though the food is higher quality in that section.  I realized one day that I was being tricked by thinking that there was no sugar in the food I was currently buying. The food companies started using evaporated cane juice, cane sugar, etc. on their labels and we were used to seeing sugar.  If you think about how often the food industry has mislead us it is infuriating.  Even food that should not contain sugar has it added into it, pasta sauce, chips and much more!

What can you do to keep yourself and your family healthy?  Start small is the answer.  Try and find products that are actually good for you and then add them into your diet.  If it is prepackaged then it is most likely not healthy – I have found one exception to that rule – Lara bars.  These are prepackaged and easy, but have a few ingredients.  Look at the labels, if you see sugar or corn syrup in the first four ingredients then toss it!  Try to focus on finding simple foods, if you want a bag of chips, then make sure it doesn’t have sugar in it.   The fewer the ingredients the better!!!! This is not an easy process, but it is well worth your efforts!!!


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