Sugar is a very controversial subject and it is a very deceiving subject as well.  Growing up most of us consumed refined cane sugar.  There were no other options and, if there were other options, no one had heard of them or even that sugar was HORRIBLE for you!

A few years back, I started breaking out around my mouth and I could not figure out what was going on and why it was happening.  I called the Doctor (I recently had stopped taking birth control and thought it might be a weird symptom) and the nurse told me I probably had acne.  I was appalled that she even suggested such a thing!  I have always had beautiful, healthy glowing skin (the glow was apparently from the birth control though).  Long story short, I found out that my rash was being caused by consuming dairy and refined cane sugar.  At that point, I tried to start cutting dairy and sugar.  Both were more difficult than it should have been to cut out.  It turns out sugar is in everything we consume.  In recent news, a skittle truck turned over.  The skittle truck was headed to the dairy farm to feed the cattle.  This news didn’t shock me, but it did shock my husband.  This is exactly why Americans are having so many healthy issues, because even when we think we are making “healthy” decisions – i.e. drinking milk- we are not!

Take control of this insanity, by checking your labels.  You will have to make some concessions unless you want to make everything from scratch, but you make that choice.  My concession is my sodelicious coconut vanilla coffee creamer.  It has some evaporated cane juice, but I know it is less than I would consume at a Starbucks and I don’t like the taste of the plain with honey or coconut sugar.  It is time we take our health and food choices back into our hands!  Good luck!


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