To Simplify or Not to Simplify?!

This question hounds my very existence some days!  Paxton and myself have a tendency to go all in on just about anything.  This tendency has gotten us into a lot of fun and unexpected situations!  On the other hand, we know it has also cost us in some ways. Obviously, I would not be contemplating this question if we had clones of ourselves or even like minded entrepreneurs like us!!!  Let’s not get carried away though – that is entirely different blog post.

You hear people preaching the simplistic lifestyle is better and that it makes things – well obviously – more simple.  I am just not sure if that is true or if I would be happy with things being more simple.  Simplicity seems to be something that I yearn for, but then right after that thought, I will have another thought to go and buy some more land for a hunting plantation or let’s go find another historic house to go completely restore.  It feels like there are two different perspectives at war within my mind.  I want to get down to the one that is the essence of me or what I would have been without the cultural influences that shape us into something else.  Maybe I should try just simplifying in certain areas – for example, I am going to simplify my schedule or house projects.  The problem is that it seems so unattainable that I am not sure how to start.

We purchased a historic home four years ago this March.  I was in love with the house and had to have it – we were shown the house on Christmas Day!  This house was a massive undertaking – it needed everything updated or painted.  We were running our Moving, hardwood and lawn businesses at the same time – I was also writing articles for a local magazine and teaching yoga classes.  We were eating dinner at midnight and then waking up and doing it again the next day.  We were loving the thrill of getting this house ready and it was a great opportunity that we grabbed.  However, it seems like we are just getting back to the point where we do things that we always did at the other house – simple things like put out weed and feed.  Well that doesn’t seem hard – no it does not, but did I mention that we are in the process of reclaiming two old barns right off our property to rebuild a new barn on our property.  We had a land company come to finish clearing the old pecan orchard and the field looks like a bomb went off in it.  We also had to get the invisible fence extended so the dogs could have more room – the full 8 acres – which meant we had to spend a whole day putting out wire in the woods!  I hope that shed some light on why we have not gotten to the simple things yet, but I feel if we don’t do these things now then when?  When our son is older, we will be more focused on his activities and there will hopefully be other children.  It feels like now or in 30 years to me and who wants to wait for that?

I will keep trying to find that balance in my life and I wish you good luck to do the same!  Please post your comments on how you try to simplify or if you think the complex life is the way to go!



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