Backyard Chickens

We have debated on whether to get chickens for about six years. We currently consume about 10 eggs per day so we figured it might be time to give backyard chickens a chance!! We had no prior knowledge about chickens other than what we read on the internet. There are so many varieties it can be a little overwhelming.

We found an ad on craigslist and decided to give it a try. We went to a local chicken breeder and took the plunge. He was a wealth of information and helped us pick out our first flock of 11 chickens. We decided to go with 6 one year old chickens, 2 younger than one year old and 3 chickens that were 3 years old. We wanted to start having eggs right away and didn’t want the hassle of baby chicks.

We are three days into this process and have had 10 eggs laid for us so far. The chickens usually are lower in egg production when you move then and it can take 3 to 5 days to resume normal laying. We also aren’t letting them out in the yard yet to make sure they get accustomed to their home and return at night when we eventually let them out. The funny part is we didn’t give a thought to the dogs and how they would react…. it was eye opening! The chickens are interesting to watch and almost hypnotizing. They are sweet for the most part – I have only been pecked a few times and it doesn’t hurt!

Assuming that the chickens lay around 10 eggs per day our payback period should be about 3.5 months with the cost of buying the chickens, materials for their area and the feed. This is becoming a popular trend and I think I understand why!!!


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