Interior Design

Interior Design is a wonderful thing, it brings beauty and personality to your space and that brings joy to every moment!

The first time that I really started to think about decorating a space was my room at college (my mother always hired an interior designer to decorate my room growing up).  I was excited and nervous – about going to college and designing my room!  The formula was, and still to this day is, buy what speaks to me.  At that time , it was string lights to hang around the ceiling and a pink comforter from Victoria’s Secret.  My style has evolved since then, but I think that is perfect for what I was at the time (I might dust that stuff off if I have a girl in college later).

I think the key is not to try and complete your room at once.  There are so many components that go into designing a room.  If you buy something just to fit into the space, and you don’t love it, you will end up getting rid of it and buying something new (and possibly reading a minimalism book one day).

Start small if you haven’t designed a room before so you don’t feel overwhelmed.  Remember there are no wrong choices – yes you can make a bad choice, but give yourself that freedom. Stress can choke your creative freedom which will inhibit this process!

Have fun with it!  I find that our most satisfying rooms were the ones that started off the ugliest.  Maybe that is a good place to start…..


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